Why Novity?


Integration with your team

Our software engineers integrate into your teams
and work under your supervision, thus ensuring
seamless communication and collaboration.


Long-term partnership

We foster long-lasting relationships by offering
growth opportunities to our talents to retain them,
thus ensuring our sustained collaboration with you.

Frictionless collaboration

With the time zone alignment and no language barrier,
you benefit from a hassle-free experience.

Gain access to skilled talent

You are presented with top-tier developers and
QA analysts, and we assist you in finding the best fit
for your requirements.

Novity in a nutshell

developers in house

happy clients

5 years
on the market

Our engineers help on the following stack.

And much more…

Overcome the scarcity
of tech expertise
No language barriers and a minimal
time zone gap
Long-term integration with
your team

Companies that extended their team with us

Christophe Dehen

It is great working with Novity.  They are always all ears, the monthly meetings allow us to discuss about any matter or concerns we may have in a very open and transparent manner.

Novity helps us to boost up our technical team since they have a well-established team in place, which they keep on strengthening over time.

They have a requirement that enables us to work together with them on the recruitment process, hence, preventing any hiring faux pas.

The team is top-notch, always available and ready to take on new challenges.

In short, joy, knowledge sharing, professionalism, competences and investment are the words that perfectly sum up the mindset of Novity’s team members.

Rudy Onfroy

As the CTO of CapCar, I’ve been partnering with Novity since a few years now. Despite, the remote setup, the team stands out for their commitment, motivation and competence. Furthermore, I really appreciate their ability to adapt to our organization.  Their close follow-ups on the projects are equally very good. Overall, I am really satisfied with this partnership.

Kevin Thierry

Head of engineering
My collaboration with Novity has been exceptional.  Their professional approach and their expertise enable us to match the right level of skills to our needs.  The team is all ears and is diligent towards the follow-ups with the team members.  All the team members have responded positively regarding our needs and were able to evolve/move forward by exceeding our expectations.  I highly recommend Novity for their technical expertise and their commitment towards their clients’ success.

Our Values

Novity was built on a strong foundation based on core values.

We are driven by three pillars that define us.


Our core value. 

Excellence drives our actions at every step of the way.

We are constant learners and we pursue what’s best for our clients. 

« The details make perfection, but perfection is not a detail. »
Leonardo da Vinci


It’s about encouraging creativity and initiatives, cultivating agility to swiftly adapt to changing environments. 

It’s simply to dare. 

“Success is always a child of audacity.”
Prosper de Crébillon


It’s primarily about doing what we must do well.

It’s prioritizing the fulfillment and development of employees.

It’s fostering respectful, constructive, and positive attitudes.

« Man is the measure of all things. »

Ready to expand your team?

In 2018, the seed of Novity was planted in his mind, driven by a vision…

His mission for Novity: Empowering fellow tech professionals to build extraordinary teams in Madagascar and Mauritius.

Xavier Lernould