Awesome people are always welcome at Novity. A place where talented and daring individuals thrive.

Our team is built on



Exciting missions with innovative tech companies where you can thrive



Sharing is caring. We love to support each other. Are you a team-player?


Hybrid model

Blending remote flexibility and in-office collaboration for versatile and productive work environments.


Career Growth

Unleashing potential through mentorship, skill enhancement, and impactful opportunities for professional growth.



Each one of us has a hand on the ship’s wheel; we are not merely passengers. By empowering our employees and instilling confidence in them, we ensure they feel ready to make decisions and own the outcomes.

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Not a number

You matter. We adopt a
people-oriented approach.

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Hybrid model

We combine remote work
and in-office collaboration.

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Team activities

We love having fun and organize different activities for team bonding.

Novity is not just a company, it is a culture !

Hear it from Novitians

Sendy Yagambrum

Novity is a great place to work because it brings together the best professionals onboard and creates a friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable and happy to work.

Feenaz Bhaukaurally

What sets Novity apart is their genuine commitment to work-life balance. It’s not just a policy on paper. In terms of my role, my responsibilities align perfectly with my expectations, enabling me to make a meaningful contribution to the company’s growth.

Rudy Rasamoelina

I collaborate with a client who shares Novity’s values. The communication is very smooth, and there’s trust from both the client’s end and from Novity’s side. This allows me to progress both technically and personally in complete serenity

Ange Rakotovao

My efforts are well appreciated for their true worth; they value my technical abilities as much as my interpersonal skills. Moreover, I feel fortunate to be assigned to a good client, surrounded by amazing teams. Beyond these favorable circumstances, the challenges I face every day compel me to learn and exceed my limits.