Team Augmentation

Attracting the right people is a challenge (and it takes ages). 82% of companies worldwide find it hard to hire and retain top talent because of the shortage of qualified developers.

Novity allows you to extend your team with experienced developers. We hand-pick experts from our in-house resources and talent pool to work hand-in-hand with your engineers.

You’re a small team with a big vision.
Imagine what you could achieve by partnering with Novity. 

The same great work,

done faster

Get extra hands to complete your milestones faster without sacrificing quality.

Under your


Our engineers integrate into your team and work under your supervision. You thus have full control on your projects.



At Novity, we see each client as a partner. We have regular follow-ups throughout our collaboration to ensure that we meet your expectations.

Every role you need to scale and grow


  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Full stack developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Lead Developer

Functional & Quality Assurance

  • Product Owner
  • Business Analyst
  • QA analyst
  • Test Automation Engineer

We provide you with developers and QA analysts to boost your team in the following areas


Front-end development

Our front-end developers specialize in the visible parts of web and mobile applications.They work with stacks like React, Angular, and Vue to build responsive user interfaces.


Back-end development

Our back-end developers focus on the server-side of applications, managing the logic, databases, and server operations that power the front-end. They use programming languages like Java, .NET, Node.js, or Symfony.


Quality Assurance

Our QA analysts develop and execute test plans and collaborate with developers to ensure a smooth and error-free user experience. They handle both manual and automation testing.


Data Engineering

Our data engineers specialize in designing, building, and maintaining the systems that manage and process large volumes of data. They work with tools and technologies to develop data pipelines and integrate data from different sources.


Software Architecture

Our software architects design the overall structure of a software application. They make crucial decisions about the software’s components, modules, and interactions to ensure scalability, reliability, security, and performance.


Functional Analysis

Our functional analysts work on understanding and documenting the requirements of a system. They analyze user needs, document business processes, and create detailed specifications that serve as a guide for developers.

Some of the stacks we work on

Empowering forward-thinking companies to scale their development teams.

Our developers become an extension of your in-house team while you keep control on your projects.

We genuinely want to make you successful. We provide ongoing support to ensure your satisfaction.