Can software developers become good leaders
Can software developers become good leaders?

Can software developers be good leaders?  You can be a tech wizard or you can be a leader but can you be both? 

I think you can be whatever you choose to be. 

Xavier Lernould, ambitious, passionate and an achiever he is, dared to dream big and chose to be a tech leader!  

From a junior developer to the CEO of Novity, Xavier’s career has been nothing less than impressive. Xavier has started as a junior developer in the banking sector in Luxembourg and has not stopped hustling since then.  Xavier was passionate and determined to succeed. He climbed the ladder steadily and did all the classic roles up to holding managerial positions. 

Over the years, while he became increasingly interested in the business side of software development, he learned more about strategy, leadership and management and was ready to take on more responsibilities. Xavier Lernould demonstrated his resoluteness by setting up a nearshore development center of 40 staff in Prague.  Eventually, in 2010, his career took a turn and he joined as the CTO in a software vendor company. Xavier continued to pursue his role as CTO at two SaaS vendors in Paris. One of his major achievements during his journey was the development of Big Data platforms in the international setting. It was challenging but rewarding! 

But Xavier’s ambition did not stop there and he was ready to be a risk-taker. Despite the risks involved, Xavier Lernould took the leap and left his job to start his own company that reflects his values and passion.  He took his skills and experience to the next level and he founded Novity ! Novity is a value-driven technology partner specialised in software development and is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes scale their development teams with top-notch expertise to achieve their roadmaps and to ship top products.   

Xavier brought together a team of talented developers to help bring his vision to life. Today, Novity is a team of more than 100 staff with two headquarters, namely in Madagascar and Mauritius.

Xavier’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination and forward thinking.  No matter where you start from, you can always achieve big things. 

So, if you’re a talented and passionate developer and want to achieve big things, do not hesitate to join Novity to achieve your dreams!

Date : 28/03/2023